This year, 2024, is no ordinary year in Normandy. We are celebrating the 80th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy. This anniversary will be an opportunity to celebrate and take part in events of all kinds, but also to take time to remember.

With the coastal hotels already fully booked for several months, why not stay at Belle Isle sur Risle, in the Normandy countryside just 1 hour from the D-Day beaches? 


Hotel Belle Isle sur Risle

The normandy region is expecting a huge amount of visitors at the beginning of June, especially on the 6th. On this day, 4 official ceremonies will take place: the Franco-British ceremony at Ver sur Mer at 10.30am, the Franco-Canadian ceremony at Courseulles sur Mer at 11am and the Franco-American ceremony at Colleville sur Mer at 12pm. The highlight will be the international ceremony at Omaha Beach from 3pm, attended by veterans and heads of state.

In addition to the official commemorations, the anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate the D-Day landings and the Liberation. From the 16th April, there will be shows, concerts and conferences, as well as ball and synchronised fireworks displays all over Normandy.



Operation Neptune was launched on the night of 5-6 June by the Allies during the Second World War. More commonly known as D-Day, it was decided by the Allied during conferences in Casablanca (January 1943) and Quebec (August 1943). The most complicated part for the Allies was to decide where to land (the Mediterranean or the Atlantic?).The chosen site was the Bay of the Seine, whose beaches were less fortified and easier to isolate if the bridges over the Seine and the Loire were destroyed. 

The map of operation Neptune

The Allies’ preparations were incredible and intense: two artificial harbours (Omaha Beach and Gold Beach) were even built in 6 weeks. 

Initially scheduled for 5 June, the landings were postponed to 6 June due to weather conditions. 

It was one of the key phases of the war: 5 divisions in almost 4,300 barges and protected by 500 warships landed at dawn on the 5 beaches: Utah, Omaha, Gold Juno and Sword. The Allies managed to land 156,000 men and almost 20,000 vehicles of all types. The Longest Day marked the start of the Battle of Normandy, the second stage in the liberation of France. During the operation 10,500 men lost their lives, but beyond the military losses, many lives were affected.

To mark the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings, Normandie tourism is bringing out a guide recounting 80 stories of men and women involved in one way or another in the history of that day….80 pieces of life honouring ordinary heroes:


Because it is everyone’s duty not to forget and to commemorate…… 

Colleville cemetery

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