Here in Belle Isle sur Risle, we did not wait for the crisis to put local products at the heart of our concerns. First of all, we have created a beautiful vegetable patch: courgettes, tomatoes, carrots, peas, onions, herbs of all kinds…. fresh produce that feeds the imagination of our chef Armand Malandain and transform into amazing and tasty dishes for our clients.

Then, what we can’t produce, we get from local companies.

The Ferme du Ponctey in Triqueville supplies us with cider, Pommeau and apple juice which make up our cocktails such as the “Belle Isle Mule” (local version of the Moscow Mule with apple brandy instead of vodka….delicious and to be enjoyed in moderation of course).

As for the wines, we have been working for several years with the Maison du Père tranquille, a well-known wine merchant in the Upper Normandy region, an expert taster and finder of fine wines and tasty Normandy products. It is a family business which has been going for many years and is now run by the granddaughter of the founder, Mrs Marion Belley.

We have also recently established a partnership with the Château du Breuil, a distillery specialising in Calvados in Breuil en Auge, but which also produces award-winning rum and Norman whisky! If you stay at Belle Isle, you can try the Château’s products but you can also benefit from a free visit to the distillery as you are a guest with us !

For beef and poultry, here again we only use quality products from local companies such as Grosdoit in Rouen and Ferme de la Houssaye. For 30 years now, Franck and Christelle Lavigne from the Ferme de la Houssaye have been offering free-range poultries fed from products originating from the farm. The motto of the Ferme de la Houssaye is simple: to guarantee the origine of the feed for the animals and the quality of the products. This is exactly what consumers are asking for today and for the director of Belle Isle sur Risle, it is essential.  It is remarkable that the entire production chain (including the slaughterhouses and kitchens) is located on the farm. We also have to mention Maison Grosdoit who supplies us with beautiful and tender Normandy beef.

Finally, if you think « Normandy », you think cheese of course, and here again, we buy our products from Maison Borniambuc in Fort Moville, which is particularly well known for its smooth white and country cheeses, as well as its thick raw cream….and as for the cheese platter served at Belle Isle sur Risle, ask any guest, it is a must-have !

Now that you know the local producers behind the products served at Belle Isle sur Risle, you should be eager to book your table in our restaurant or book a full gastronomic stay in our hotel!

La carte

Le restaurant Belle Isle sur Risle bénéficie du titre de Maître Restaurateur
Le Chef Armand Malandain vous informe que notre cuisine est faîte maison à partir de produits frais et cuisinés à la demande.